We are constantly looking for inventory for our store.  We will be glad to give you an offer to purchase your guns or other items.There is no charge for this service.

We will do Appraisals for estates or insurance purposes.  These services are priced on a case by case basis, depending how much detail you require.

We do consider trade ins. We will gladly discuss your particular situation.

We will do lay-aways on all items over $200.00. Terms and conditions will vary from item to item.  All we can say is , Lets Talk!!

All guns  have a 24 hour inspection period. If you decide to return your item there will be a 20% restocking fee plus you will be charged the credit card fee and shipping fee. In some cases there will also be a fee for a gun smith to check the returned item.

We are here to sell guns ! But we really don’t want to go to jail, so we have a few simple rules.

  1. We are FFL’s so Felons, Druggies, Thieves, Straw purchasers and wife beaters, need not try to buy a gun. We can’t sell to you and wouldn’t  if we could.
  2. We do not ship to California or any other Soviet  States.
  3. All sales are conducted in full compliance with local, state and Federal Laws. I don’t like them either, but rules are rules and I  have never heard much good about jail food so I don’t plan on trying a steady diet of it.

Shipping charges are standard USPS, UPS or FED-EX.  We will ship whichever is the best for you. OUR RATES ARE NOT BASED ON  HOW MUCH YOU SPEND. THEY ARE BASED ON WHAT IT WILL COST US TO SEND THE PRODUCT TO YOU.